Ban the Barking

Ban the Barking

Solve your dog's behavior problems with dog obedience training in Owensboro, KY

Dogs love their human companions, but that doesn't mean they all know how to behave with us! If your dog is driving you crazy, dog obedience training with Paws Town, LLC in Owensboro, KY will help. We offer individual training sessions, training sessions with daycare and group training classes.

With just a little direction, your dog will learn how to behave calmly and obediently. You'll be glad you chose Paws Town's dog training classes.

We're happy to answer any questions about training. For more information, call us today at 270-688-0908.

When do you need dog training classes?

If you've been trying to train your dog at home, it can be hard to know when get some help and invest in professional training.

You and your furry friend could benefit from dog training classes if:

  • You worry that you can't invite people over because of your dog
  • Your dog barks excessively or chews furniture when you aren't home
  • Your dog seems nervous or unsure with people or other dogs
  • You want to help a new dog learn to adjust to your home

In our dog obedience training classes, your dog will learn how to behave appropriately. We'll use reliable training techniques and teach you how to reinforce your dog's training at home.